About Us

At ScribePT

We believe physical therapists should be focused on caring for their patients, not distracted by an overwhelming amount of paperwork. That's why we've created the leading voice-to-EMR solution designed specifically for physical therapists.

Our suite of documentation tools reduces documentation time for therapists by 50% or more. No more wasting time on repetitive typing or trying to remember treatment details after the fact. Our platform captures session notes with up to 99% accuracy and seamlessly integrates them into your EMR system.


This means therapists can devote their energy where it matters most - engaging with patients and providing the highest quality care. ScribePT reduces burnout by eliminating the frustration of documentation, giving therapists back precious time in their day.

ScribePT was created by Civicom Inc., a leading technological solutions provider trusted by businesses for over 20 years. Our parent company's expertise in voice recognition, AI-powered transcription, and technology enabled us to develop an unparalleled voice-to-EMR experience specifically tailored for the unique needs of physical therapists.

At ScribePT, we are revolutionizing physical therapy documentation. Our solutions liberate therapists from clerical work so they can focus on patient care and outcomes. Contact us today to learn how we can help you and your staff rediscover the joy of practicing physical therapy.