About Us

Welcome to ScribePT, the pioneering force in AI-driven documentation solutions for the physical, occupational, and speech therapy community. Born from a blend of innovative vision and dedicated compassion, ScribePT is not just a tool but a testament to the power of technology harnessed to enhance the human touch in healthcare.

Our Journey

The Genesis of Innovation

Our story began in 2017, within the incubative walls of Civicom’s startup studio. Here, the seeds for ScribePT were sown alongside our sister venture, WelcomeWare, with a unified goal: enhancing profitability and quality of life for the rehab therapy community, including administrative staff, clinicians, and patients.



A Momentary Pause

By 2020, our journey took an unexpected turn. The burgeoning demand for WelcomeWare, a virtual front desk solution for therapy-based practices, necessitated a temporary shift in our focus. This was not the end of ScribePT but merely a strategic pause, a gathering of strength before a significant leap.

The Dawn of a New Era

Fast forward to 2022, and the vision for ScribePT was rekindled with renewed vigor. Our team has since unveiled an AI scribe tool tailored for therapists, designed to slash documentation time by up to an astounding 95%. This is not just a tool; it's a movement toward a future where therapists can focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.


Our Mission: Empowering Therapists, Enriching Lives

At the heart of ScribePT lies a mission born from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by physical and occupational therapists. The documentation demands in rehab therapy are unparalleled, with no existing solutions adequately easing this burden. Recognizing this gap, we dedicated ourselves to creating the first and best AI scribe specifically designed for PT and OT.

A Therapist-Led Design

Our approach is simple yet profound: let those who know the challenges best lead the way. ScribePT’s design and continuous evolution are driven by insights from the very therapists we aim to serve. This therapist-led methodology ensures that ScribePT remains not only relevant but groundbreaking.

More Than a Project: A Passion

For our team, ScribePT is more than a project; it's a personal mission. Each member of our team brings a unique story, a personal why that fuels their dedication to this venture. From enhancing patient care to revolutionizing the therapy landscape, our passion is palpable:

Tom Yen

ScribePT, Product Lead

"For me, addressing the documentation burden hits close to home on two different fronts:"

First, several of my family members are healthcare providers, and I’ve seen first hand how soul-crushing it can be to get home and to have to spend hours on notes instead of with your family or on critical self care time. I view my work with ScribePT as a way to help make things better for them (and, selfishly, to eliminate their excuses for not being able to go skiing or biking with me).

Second, at some point or another, we’re all patients, and we all have people we love who are patients. Documentation burden is one of the most commonly cited reasons that therapists decide to transition out of clinical roles. This is all at a time when demand for therapy is on the rise. I’ve seen first-hand how that plays out with family members who’ve been told it will be months before a therapist can see them. By helping to address the root cause, I’m hopeful that we can help to improve the future outlook when it comes to access to quality care for ourselves and those we care about.

Michael Frasso, PT, DPT

Customer Success Manager

"As a PT by trade, I’ve seen firsthand how the documentation burden affects not only the individual therapist but the industry at large. I knew right away that ScribePT represented an opportunity for us to dramatically affect and, in some cases, outright fix much of what ails the therapy space. We face several problems as a profession, but ScribePT not only gives us our lives back (faster documentation) but also paves the way for higher quality documentation and allows therapists to focus fully on their patients for the first time ever. The potential improvement in patient care quality is striking. After I met the ScribePT team and learned what they were working on, I knew I had to be involved. AI will continue to change every aspect of our lives, and I’m very excited to use it as a force for good in our industry. Thanks so much for considering us!"

A Legacy of Innovation and Compassion

ScribePT is proudly a product of Civicom, an entrepreneurial spirit and a beacon of innovation in the B2B technology space for over 25 years. Civicom’s commitment to excellence and charity—donating 10% of profits annually—mirrors ScribePT’s ethos of making a difference in the lives of therapists and patients alike.

Embrace the Future with Us

ScribePT is more than just an AI documentation tool; it's a catalyst for change in the rehab therapy community. By reducing the documentation burden, we empower therapists to focus on what truly matters—providing exceptional care to their patients. Join us on this journey, where technology meets compassion, and together, we can redefine the landscape of rehab therapy for generations to come.