Frequently Asked Questions About ScribePT

Since we specifically designed our AI to operate in various PT settings, it does a great job of filtering out irrelevant noise and conversations, especially in noisy gym settings. Feel free to use ScribePT in any environment you would normally treat in.

We were the first AI documentation scribe in therapy, so we have a clear leg up. Objectively, we have several key features our competition does not have, including automatic Paste To EMR, personalized note outputs, and stellar note accuracy. But don’t take our word for it! We are confident ScribePT will shine in any side-by-side comparison, so we’ve prepared a helpful list of things to look for when you compare us to similar technologies. Check out our Features and see for yourself how ScribePT stands out among the rest.

No, and you can try out ScribePT for 30 days for free without a lengthy commitment or giving up your credit card / bank information.

No, we're an independently owned company. Although VC/PE backing can be an amazing catalyst for growth within certain industries, we felt this source of funding wasn’t a good fit for ScribePT or the therapy space. Our main concern was that VC funding, in particular, generally comes with an expectation of exponential (double-double-triple) growth and immense pressure to modify the product to maximize the total addressable market. Because rehab therapy isn’t an incredibly large market, we felt that would create pressure to move towards a more medically focused product - the very thing we did not want to build. Instead, ScribePT falls under the umbrella of Civicom, Inc., a global technology leader responsible for developing over 25 brands. This unique position allows us to access similar resources to those of private equity and venture capital-funded companies while maintaining our focus on the rehab therapy space. As a result, we're proud to deliver consistent excellence in our products, ongoing innovation, and superior customer support that sets us apart.

Work on ScribePT first began in 2017, when we came to appreciate the scale of documentation burden in physical therapy and occupational therapy and the utter lack of solutions. Companies like Nuance had built out tools that worked well enough in the broader healthcare space, but none were specific enough to help with the incredibly detailed and time-consuming notes required as part of rehab therapy. Our mission became clear at that point: we were going to build the first and the best AI Scribe specifically for PT and OT. To get to where we are today, we enlisted the help of numerous therapists and adopted a therapist-led approach that continues to drive the design of ScribePT today. The real secret to our success, though has been the support of our parent company, Civicom, an entrepreneurial and privately held holding company that has been building remarkable B2B technology businesses for the past 25 years - all while donating 10% of profits to charity each year.

Yes, ScribePT is HIPAA and HITECH-compliant. 

No, at ScribePT, we perform model personalization independently for each account to ensure there is no cross-pollination of sensitive or competitive information among our customers. Important note: If you are considering other AI scribes, make sure you ask about how and where your data is used.

ScribePT is built using best-in-class security precautions. Our legal and compliance team has experience coordinating with IT teams from companies and hospitals of all sizes and will gladly assist with the completion of any required security questionnaires.

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